What is the Shirt?

It's the perfect fit, or bust.

Blouse gape was never a cute look.

That was Rochelle, working in DC years ago and struggling to deal with the bad fit and discomfort of her daily uniform: the button down shirt.

Sizing up meant she lost her shape, and sizing down meant a bra exposing pop across the chest.

That was a problem.

“No matter how much I spent, or where I shopped, button-down shirts never fit across the bust.”

A bad fit is a big deal.

Rochelle became an expert in safety pins - carefully weaving those tiny pieces of metal between buttons to eliminate the peek-a-boo in her shirts. every. single. day.

But that was a bandaid. She needed a solution.

To find the chest-covering, shape flattering, confidence boosting perfect fit...she had to make it herself.

Fast forward: she took vacation days to sneak off to NYC’s garment district - hitting midtown to source, pattern and build her game-changing prototype. Then patented it.

She made it, loved it, sent it to Oprah (who also loved it) and boom - The Shirt was born.