The Signature Shirt in Tencel

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In our super soft cotton Tencel, this shirt will feel so smooth and soft. Slightly drapey and relaxed. 

The Shirt reimagined for the perfect fit – powered by No Gape® button technology. Bye bye blouse gape, Hello The Shirt.

  • 100% Cotton Tencel 
  • Made in Portugal 
  • Powered by our patented No Gape® button technology. 
Fit Details

This Signature Shirt runs true to size and has a naturally blousier and drapey fit that will hang nicely on the body. We recommend unbuttoning low as you dare to go (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.)


Machine washable but we recommend laying flat or hanging to dry. You can steam out any small wrinkles and it will come out perfectly.

Our Technology

The Perfect Fit

Our No Gape® button technology reinforces the button down shirt where you need it most. Patented and designed by Rochelle Behrens to eliminate blouse gape.