The Essentials Shirt for Men


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The Shirt, but for the men in your life. This one eliminates gaping at the belly for a nice, slim fit using our patented No Gape® Technology, adapted for where a man needs it most. Made in Portugal with European fabrics that resist wrinkling, these shirts feel so comfortable on and fit perfectly.

The Shirt reimagined for the perfect fit – powered by No Gape® button technology. Bye bye blouse gape, Hello The Shirt.

  • Made in Portugal
  • Powered by our patented No Gape® button technology.
  • 100% cotton
P - Essentials - Men P - Essentials - Men

Machine wash and lay flat or hang to dry. Of course, laundering will always keep The Shirt looking its best. The Shirt will shrink in the dryer.<br>

Our Technology

The Perfect Fit

Our No Gape® button technology reinforces the button down shirt where you need it most. Patented and designed by Rochelle Behrens to eliminate blouse gape.