WOMEN WE LOVE: Lindsay Cowles


When we spotted the work of Lindsay Cowles we were instantly obsessed. We caught up with the artist to find out what makes her work so brilliant.

What inspires your work and how has your art changed as you have personally evolved and geographically shifted?

My art is inspired by many things in my life—from
texture, movement and color found in nature, to interior design, to places that I’ve been, feelings that I have and people that inspire me. My work is also founded in the constant experimentation in the process of painting—in the dripping, layering, texturing of each work—expressing my vision of the world through art. It’s about constantly trying new techniques and taking risks.

I recently moved from Los Angeles, CA to my hometown of Richmond, VA. I have to say, I was nervous about the move. Having lived in large metropolitan cities (including NYC) for close to 10 years, the thought of moving to a small city seemed daunting. But, I have been most pleasantly surprised. The art community in Richmond is thriving. And the abstract, non-representational movement is growing rapidly.


Over the past 4 months that I have been in Richmond, I have most definitely seen a shift in my work. I don’t know whether it is a consequence of my move or just the evolution of myself as a person and an artist. But my world has opened up. I am experimenting with sculptural elements on canvas, with cold wax and extreme texture, with dripping and movement. Art is a constant evolution and exploration of oneself. It continues to develop with each stroke.


What empowered woman are you most intrigued by?


Since I am an artist, with a background in fashion and a love of interior design, my inspirational, empowered woman is Kelly Wearstler.She is a creative powerhouse—from her interior design empire, to her furniture and accessories lines, to her clothing collection. She does it all! She is not afraid to push the limit with her creativity—in her design and her business. In my mind, that’s what it takes to be successful—to have confidence in yourself and go for it!Hopefully, I will have the pleasure of collaborating with her one day!


What is your current favorite piece in your wardrobe and why?


This is a difficult one because I have so many that I love, but if I had to choose, it would be my new embellished jersey top by Yigal Azrouel. It can be dressed down with jeans and boots for the day, and dressed up with a leather jacket, leggings and booties at night.


What piece(s) do you wear when you want to feel the most confident version of yourself?


Without a doubt, I don’t go anywhere without my stilettos. They empower me to that point that when I lived in NYC, I even walked to work in them. I am 5’2”, so I need all of the extra height I can get! I am particularly attached to my Alberta Ferretti cutout booties. I have two pair!


In terms of my overall aesthetic, I favor a downtown edgy look in my style of dressing. Sleek, modern, minimal. Pieces that are generally basic, but have a twist that completely takes you by surprise. I’m typically in shades of black, grey or ivory. Designers that I tend to gravitate towards are Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Thakoon and Yigal Azrouel. When showing my work to clients, I don’t want to take the focus off my art, so minimal, but edgy and sleek is the way to go!