Dog Days Of Summer


August always makes me feel like the summer's end is near.  I'm not ready to pack up the sherbet hues and mint python just yet, but incorporating transition pieces into my wardrobe is essential, as autumn really is just around the corner. Fortunately, our Fall '12 collection has the perfect Shirt Dress (make that The Shirt Dress!), an essential transition piece for any busy woman.  We sourced the most amazingly supple Italian cotton for it. I'm loving it with the sleeves rolled up and unbuttoned from the top and the bottom.

I personally love dresses, as they take the mystery out of putting together an entire outfit in the morning rush. The Shirt Dress is the perfect way to look tailored and polished with great ease (and p.s. you still don't have to worry about gaping - our patented Dual Button Technology™ is seamlessly designed into each dress). I've been looking forward to previewing these new pieces for you, so make sure you sign up to receive our emails for when the new Fall collection launches in a few weeks!